Economic and Educational Aspects of Modern Business


Our publications are not journalistic and this is how we differ. By carefully selecting our topics, analysing and presenting them in an understandable and clear way, we aim to grow business awareness in Cyprus and establish ourselves as the leading providers of economic publications on the island.


Business is all about knowledge. The most educated and the most passionate researchers of the world are the ones who put their skills and their intelligence into practice to break through corporate life and create real value in these troubled times.


Lost in the complexity of economic detail, we sometimes forget that no matter how challenging the economic environment might seem, it is still driven by people, and people usually apply common sense. This magazine aims to enlighten, in a simplified and understandable way, economic concepts that sometimes seem like dimensions of an unknown world. We have gathered together a group of passionate professionals who enjoy questioning and simplifying topics that every business and every professional should be aware of.  


E-SQUARED is not just another economic magazine. It is an alternative for readers who have the passion to explore the dynamics of modern economics. The content of this magazine regularly questions normal practices and gives new insights to readers who have the guts to face up to new challenges and a keen desire to learn more.

VSSP Publishing is a boutique publishing house formed in Cyprus in early 2011. Our team consists of high calibre professionals with vast experience in the largest financial services organisations both in Cyprus and abroad. Our team's high qualifications and experience ensures that our work is of the highest quality.

VSSP Publishing are proud to be the publishers of the very FIRST economic magazine in Cyprus to be written in English.

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